Aluminum Injection Packer With Nickel Plating

Specification :

All size can be produce, different lengh can be accept, we have low and high pressure

A-08:13*80MM      B-08:10*80MM

A-10:13*100MM     B-10:10*100MM

A-15:13*150MM     B-15:10*150MM

A-20:13*200MM     B-20:10*200MM


1)High toughness rubber, not easy to be fragile

2)High quality aluminum, not easy to be bent

3)Endurable in high pressure, good waterproof effect, stable quality, convenient operation

4)Nickel plated nozzle+nitrile rubber

Applicable Scope:

Subway,tunnel,culvert,activated sludge tank,Concrete crack seepage,leakage stop under water.

Basement,underground garage,underground passage,crevice in concrete slab

Through-wall pipe,corner,leakage of water

Concrete structures leaking,Board structure cracks

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