Butyl Waterproof Tape

Price: 15cm:$2.61-2.63roll
packing:15cm: 12RL/CTN

Product Description:

Butyl rubber self-adhesive waterproof tape is made from butyl rubber as main raw material, match with other additives, made by advanced processing technology of a lifetime is not type of adhesive waterproof sealing adhesive tape, for a variety of material

surface has a strong cohesive force, at the same time it has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and waterproof, the glued surfaces seal, shock absorption, protection, etc.The product contains no solvent at all, so it does not shrink and does not

emit toxic gases.Because it does not cure for a lifetime, it has excellent follow-through to the surface of the adhesive thermal expansion and cold contraction and mechanical deformation. It is a very advanced waterproof sealing material.

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Type Butyl Rubber Tape
Material Butyl Rubber + Aluminum Foil Surface
Function Anti-roof leakage / Roof Leakage Repairing / Sealing / Antiseptic
wide 5cm 10cm 15cm 20cm ( Customizable)
lenth 5m
Temperature Resistance -40-120℃
Color Aluminum

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