Cement Mortar Spraying Machine


1.Host/main machine:1 set            

2.high pressure air tube:1 pc 10.5M

3.spray gun:1 set                    

4.vibrating motor:1 set

5.spray nozzle:4 pcs                 

6.vibrating screen:1 set

7.high pressure feeding tube:1pc 10M


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 Product details

Output pressure 3Mpa
Conveying distance 5-15M
Maximum particle diameter 4mm
Conveyor flow 3 cuber meter/h
Hopper capacity 70L
Voltage 380v
Power 4.0KW
Weight 310kg
air compressor 0.3-0.6M³
matching nozzle Φ 32mm


    Only three persons are required for operation. One person delivers material, one person operates the spraying gun, a third person does the assistant work (for instance: assistant to remove the hose). The whole processes such as water adding, mixing and delivery of the material etc. are implemented by the machine automatically. Compared with the manual operation, it can save manpower, material resources, money and precious time, as well makes the construction quality better and more reliable than the traditional manual operation.

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