Double component injection pump


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The c high pressure injection pump is a professional machine used for high pressure chemical grouting, which works with both single and double component grouting material.Single Component Injection Pump It is the professional machine which is applied in the structure perfusion, equipped with super pressure. To solve out the inconvenience of the carrier, it is very light and it is the best choice of stanch worker. Speedy Construction : can be advanced to 5000PSI in a few seconds, and the working time will be shorter than other machine.Low gross, easy to carry.
    Output pressure : 12000PSI
    Restart pressure : <8000PSI
    Driving power: 220V/800W/50HZ
    Max size : 0-2MM
Full set of machine include
Drill: 1 set 800W          High pressure hose: 2pcs, each is 5m       Double switch open-off: Iset
Repariing kit: 1 set        T-type wrench: 1 set                     Greasecoupler: lpc
Filter: 2pcS              Hopper: 2pcs
Material of application :
 Two component spray pu foam insulation Injection Machine Pump
1. Double liquid-type PU Foam Waterproofing plugging agent, insulation material
2. Double liquid-type quick-setting PU/EPOXY reinforcing agent
3. 1:1 matching double-liquid non particle low-viscosity liquid.

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