Product Detail:
Single Component Oil Based Polythane Materials
It is a highly expansive building waterproof material made from isocyanate, polyether polyol and other raw materials. The product can expand tens of times in a few minutes after it reacts with water. The solids formed after solidification are insoluble in water and have good stability. The product itself can also absorb trace water molecules in the air and react equally. It can also fill and seal dry cracks and achieve effective and perfect waterproofing effect.
Various places of high water pressure or intermittent leakage
Waterproof and leak stoppage of tunnels, basements, civil air defense, water conservancy and harbour works
Sealing and waterproofing of roof, wall cracks, doors and windows
Water storage pool, swimming pool, sewage pool, etc.
Piling, Drilling Engineering, etc.
Packaging and Preservation:
This product should be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place. It is strictly forbidden to soak in the sunshine and rain.
Warranty period: 6 months
Weight: 10 kg/barrel, 8 kg/barrel (you can ordered as your request)

Product Detail


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Number Subject Technical Requirements Unit Experimental Result
1 Density >1.05 g/cm3 1.12
2 Viscosity ^l.OXlO3 mPa-s 5.7X102
3 Setting Time <800 S 648
4 Non-volatile Matter Content >78 % 80
5 Foaming Capacity Z1000 % 2500
6 Strength Of Extension >6 MPa 7

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