Syringe Injector For Low Pressure Grouting Syringe

Product Description:
This is injection tool for epoxy resin into concrete crack or sheet steel using low pressure slowly for there inforcement. And it enables deep injection into the cracks for lage areas  simultaneously.
to reinforce cracks
to fill up epoxy resin in concrete cracks, slab wail, cross-beam etc
Capacity :40cc(Max)
Weight   :35g
Max.Length : 210 Mm
Min. Length :146 Mm
Port Dia : 49.25 Mm
Max.Pressure : 3.0 Kgf(2.94Mpa)
Min. Pressure : 11.5 Kgf(1.47Mpa)
Surface Adhesive Strength :More Than 6.0Kgf(5.88Mpa)

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